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I love taking a day nap - it's my favourite thing to do! I wish it didn't have to be so bright though.


Drinking my first hot chocolate out of my favourite mug. Safe to say, was the best day of my young life.


I love when my hooman finally gives me a well deserved manicure. Being cute ain't easy!


I love that feeling you have after a fresh haircut, where compliments are handed out left, right and centre.


I love when it's a cold and gloomy winter day but I get to sleep on a soft fluffy blanket. Toasty warm!


When I found out you could take selfies, my life was changed.


Being the most popular person in the room means lots and lots of cuddles... and snacks.


I love walks, brunches, and playing with friends at the beach. This is me chilling on my fave blanket - it matches me too.


I love being cheeky, poking my tongue out after messing up everything on the bed. What a work out!


I love to chase balls hours on end and NEVER (and I mean never) get tired.


I'm the fatty of the house and I love to eat, Wolf and I are brothers and I usually eat his food after mine.


As my name suggests I am a crazy maniac who has no understanding of personal space. I'll find the only ray of sunshine in the house on a hot day and get my tan on. I also love to snuggle up with my humans.


I sometimes forget I'm a dog - I hate going outside and love staying on the couch all day and just sleeping.

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